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The Miura Group Code of Conduct


A fundamental objective of the Miura Group is to strengthen lasting corporate value by striving for the further development and advancement of Technoservice (Evolution), and respecting the interests of the stakeholders in the group through our aim to be the best partner in heat, water, and the environment. It is our fervent hope to continue as a flourishing enterprise that maintains and builds on the mutual confidence and trust with society as a whole.

We also consider it important, from a global perspective, to positively and aggressively work for the preservation of the earth's environment and social action programs.

To that end, each and every one of this group's executives and employees will abide by all laws and social imperatives and must be keenly aware of their social responsibilities.

As a means of accomplishing this objective, we declare the formulation and implementation of "The Miura Group Code of Conduct" as the guiding principle of this group's corporate practices.

April 1, 2016

MIURA CO.,LTD.  Daisuke Miyauchi , President

Corporate Activity Codes

  1. Compliance with Regulations
    • We not only comply with domestic and overseas regulations, but also perform activities fairly and sincerely according to corporate ethics.
    • We respect national or regional culture / customs in international business activities.
  2. Emphasis on Safety
    • We put the first priority on safety in product development.
    • We do our best to create the most worthwhile workplace where employees can work safely and in healthy conditions.
  3. Customer Satisfaction / Reliability
    • We produce high quality products / services beneficial to society and customers satisfaction.
    • We aim to pursue the best technological services and to grow a corporation trusted by our customers.
  4. Respect of Human Rights
    • We respect employees' individualities and personal qualities and try to realize a free and fair workplace.
    • We do not discriminate against employees on grounds such as race, national origin, tribe, religion, creed, gender or disability.
  5. Compliance with Trade Rules
    • We base business activities on fair and free competition.
    • We aim to establish a good relationship with our vendors / customers to be their best partner.
  6. Tackling Environmental Problems
    • We develop and provide environmentally friendly products / services to contribute to preservation of global ecology.
    • We carefully consider the affects to the environment caused by business activities and try to reduce as many environmental loads and risks as possible.
  7. Social Contribution & No Relations with Antisocial Forces
    • We wish to contribute to society as a "good corporate citizen."
    • We never have any relations with organizations or groups associated with antisocial activities.
  8. Disclosure of Corporate Profiles & Information Management
    • We disclose appropriate and timely corporate information in an effort to be an open corporation.
    • We safeguard personal information and any confidential information with utmost care.
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